The time the United States blew up a passenger plane—and tried to cover it up.

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Some thought a 20 percent chance of rain means you should definitely bring an umbrella, while others said they would be surprised if it even drizzled. And at least one person looked at the question the other way: There was an 80 percent chance it wouldn’t rain.

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Growing up, photographer Kendall Messick only knew his neighbor, Gordon Brinckle, as the projectionist at the local movie theater. When they met again in 2001, Messick learned that Brinckle had been working at another theater, The Shalimar—a fully operational tribute to cinema’s great movie palaces constructed entirely in his basement, with even a working organ.

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New data crowns Kim Kardashian as the most popular celebrity people are getting plastic surgery to look like. Why that’s a surprising—and maybe even dangerous—revelation.

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All the exciting parts of exploring the solar system have been leeched out. What’s left is the drudgery of the everyday and the dreams of the rich.

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Afghan militias have accumulated a lengthy record of human rights abuses, including murders and rapes

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Rachel Barrett’s series “Bolinas” takes place in the northern California community of the same name that’s known for being reclusive (residents tear down highway markers), and for providing the backdrop to Richard Brautigan’s In Watermelon Sugar. (Some images NSFW.)

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Yet the hashtag isn’t really a new concept. It serves a simple and obvious purpose: it’s a finding tool. The moment you – as a reader – have a large body of information, you need a method for navigating through it to find the bits you want.

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A Marxist upbringing, graduating into a recession, and a lineage of missed opportunities make a brutal combination.

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London traffic, bladder control, and a runaway Cordelia challenge a mostly wool production of Shakespeare’s King Lear.
"King Lear With Sheep" by Lucie Elven
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Focal Length
London traffic, bladder control, and a runaway Cordelia challenge a mostly wool production of Shakespeare’s King Lear.

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Wilfred Rose, 58, spent a career studying the pants pockets of New Yorkers, always on the lookout for “a nice stiff wallet” full of cash, or better yet, the fainter outline of a dozen folded bills.

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In Shinchi Maruyama’s photographs, handfuls of water tossed into the air become flowerbeds or perfect cylinders. An amalgam of sculpture, performance, and photography, Mauyama’s work reveals how much beauty can occur in the blink of an eye.

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