London traffic, bladder control, and a runaway Cordelia challenge a mostly wool production of Shakespeare’s King Lear.
"King Lear With Sheep" by Lucie Elven
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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London traffic, bladder control, and a runaway Cordelia challenge a mostly wool production of Shakespeare’s King Lear.

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Wilfred Rose, 58, spent a career studying the pants pockets of New Yorkers, always on the lookout for “a nice stiff wallet” full of cash, or better yet, the fainter outline of a dozen folded bills.

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In Shinchi Maruyama’s photographs, handfuls of water tossed into the air become flowerbeds or perfect cylinders. An amalgam of sculpture, performance, and photography, Mauyama’s work reveals how much beauty can occur in the blink of an eye.

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If it all plays out as expected and budgeted, astronomers of the 2020s will be swimming in petabytes of data streaming from space and the ground. Herewith a report card on the future of big-time stargazing.

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Three near-drownings elucidate the wisdom of a 17th-century guide to swimming safety and technique.

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When he was an immigrant boy growing up in New Jersey, the writer Junot Díaz said he felt marginalized. But that feeling was dispelled somewhat in 1981 when he was in sixth grade. He and his buddies, adventuring pals with roots in distant realms — Egypt, Ireland, Cuba and the Dominican Republic — became “totally sucked in,” he said, by a “completely radical concept: role-playing,” in the form of Dungeons & Dragons.

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"How to Hang a Cabinet" by Todd Levin f, Todd Levin, DIY, homes, home improvement, personal essays, how to, spoofs & satire, features, archives,

The picture of the catastrophe that the Russian people are seeing on their television screens is very different from that on screens in much of the rest of the world, and the discrepancy does not bode well for a sane resolution to this stand-off.

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Photographer Catherine Leutenegger’s new book Kodak City chronicles the decline of Kodak and Rochester, NY, the city built by Big Yellow.

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Geological disturbances caused by 2011 tremors mean active volcano is in a ‘critical state’, say scientific researchers

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And at the same time, the only thing you can really know is, we’re just not liable for if something got out there.

Ooookay? Thanks?

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Family follows Verene’s family and friends in Galesburg, Ill., over 25 years, and the journey for the audience is—emotionally, intellectually, aesthetically—flat-out riveting.

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