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San Quentin State Prison, opened in 1852 on the shore of San Francisco Bay, is the state’s oldest prison and home to California’s only death row.

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After D.C. resident Patti Hammond Shaw was arrested, she claimed male officers searched her and locked her up with men who allegedly abused and threatened her. This is how she fought to make sure this won’t happen to others.

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After moving from a state that recognizes same-sex marriage to one that doesn’t, a couple’s marriage becomes a partnership, and they are suddenly forced into new roles.

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The child’s lawyer has argued that children under the age of 7 cannot be prosecuted under Pakistani law. Musa remains free on bail until his next hearing, scheduled for Saturday.

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An abortion law requiring clinics to show pregnant women ultrasounds in North Carolina was ruled unconstitutional on Friday. The provision in the law required abortion and pregnancy clinics to reveal the images from ultrasounds so women could see them. They were then supposed to describe the dimensions of an embryo or fetus and other information detailing the stage of pregnancy.

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